After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University in 1969, Dr. Gail Weingast embarked on a dedicated path towards her medical career. She enrolled as a student at Boston University’s School of Medicine, diligently pursuing her Doctor of Medicine degree, which she successfully earned in 1976.

Subsequently, Dr. Weingast completed a one-year internship in pediatrics at Denver’s Colorado General Hospital. Her commitment to excellence led her to continue her tenure at the same hospital for the subsequent two years, engaging in a residency program in pediatrics. Following this, she pursued an additional residency in radiology, dedicating three years from 1980 to 1983 to this specialized field of medical practice.

To further enhance her expertise, Dr. Weingast undertook a fellowship at Colorado General Hospital, concentrating on the field of ultrasound. Her thirst for knowledge and proficiency in medical imaging technologies continued to drive her career forward. She then pursued post-graduate studies at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver.

With a wealth of experience accumulated over decades in the medical field, Dr. Gail Weingast now focuses her expertise in radiology, ultrasound, and breast imaging in the state of Connecticut. Her journey stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to the advancement of medical knowledge and patient care.